The Editorial Board of Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies consists of highly qualified academicians, experts and professionals from different fields of engineering. We understand the importance and responsibilities of Editorial Board Members who have the ultimate authority to select and reject articles for determining the editorial content of the Journal. We do not disclose the details of Author(s) to the Editorial Board members. We maintain complete confidentiality and objectivity with regard to manuscripts and the entire review process.

The Responsibilities of Editorial Board Members are as follows:
1. Edit, review and approve the manuscripts for publication in the journal.
2. Develop and improve the quality of content of the manuscripts by giving suggestions,
making corrections and taking clarifications from the author through the official
communication channel.
3. Comment and advice on the journal policies to better serve the education fraternity.
4. Identify and suggest key topics to include in the journal and invite key authors on
these topics to submit an article.
5. Ensure timely selection, review and publication of manuscripts in the journal.
6. Take necessary actions in case of violation of Publication Guidelines and Publication