Research & Innovation

Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies believes that education can be globalized through Research and Innovation. It intends to bring forward the dynamic and advance research contributions from its academicians, students, researchers, experts and similar professionals in different disciplines of science and engineering.

This can be accomplished by imparting excellent education via evolutionary techniques and internationally approved methods of teaching. There is a need to create focus amongst the students and faculties to enhance learning by building a resourceful environment. Innovation is a cornerstone to success and the organization aims to become a pioneering centre of research and excellence in forthcoming years. In consideration to above, the Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies is bringing together all the means and resources to facilitate and foster research at all the levels. Research shall bring new reforms in the assessment as well as educational system. Even the faculties will be provided with complete academic independence to introduce holistic research framework that can help the students as well as boost their own personal growth.

Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies aims to become a globally accepted research journal by promoting research at all the levels. It shall persuade its scholars, faculties and students to follow their research aspirations. The research and innovation activities that will be initiated and implemented by Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies will not only be restricted to Science & Engineering but it will also spread and cater to diversified fields. By introducing Sir M. Visvesvaraya Research & Innovation Centre, Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies will promote its community towards research.

Centre for Innovation and Change

Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies aims to incorporate a dedicated centre for Research and Innovation that shall overview and review the operations of and working on the research projects that will be undertaken by the students and faculty members.

The centre shall be responsible for following actions and performances:

  • The Centre will be inherently indulging in formulating and designing policies to promote, facilitate and stimulate research and innovation at all the levels. These policies shall technically cover all the related areas, concerns and regulations to promote and supervise the work on research and innovation.

  • The Centre will be conceptualizing the basic procedures to initiate or propose any research work. This will enable the research students or faculties to independently start working on proposed research subjects after adhering to the specified guidelines and taking acceptance from the centre.

  • The need of critical analysis, evaluation and discussion on any of the research plans will be proposed for consent, to the Authorities. Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies aims to reach global heights through all means of education including Research and Innovation. It will be the primary responsibility of the Centre to assess the process of proposed research critically and advice the research students on further process.

  • The Centre will critically examine the significance of research and innovation at all the levels. In order to encourage students, the centre will be inviting scholars from different spectrums to speak on the research topics. Moreover, the centre will design and frame research scholarships and rewards to draw researchers’ undivided attention.

  • The Centre  will take up steps for proposing the management of the University/College/School/Institution to include research in the course curriculum at all the levels irrespective of their specialization. This step will help in encouraging deeper understanding to facilitate learning and career development of the students.

  • The Centre will be comprised of members who are experts and scholars in the field of research. With the help of eminent and scholarly members, the center will be able to identify those research areas which are in demand or are required by the industry. The centre will have qualified team members to draft topics for research in diversified areas of specialization. Hence, the topics shall be proposed to the researchers for selection and then advised accordingly.

  • The Centre will plan to undertake innovative initiatives to broaden the scope of research and innovation for students, faculties, researchers and associates. Thus, the center will encourage and organize research oriented workshops, seminars, trainings, and other similar activities for their comprehensive development. The center will also help the students in improvising ideas on their research subjects as well as learn new ways to work on their research.

  • The Centre will be planning to develop, introduce and manage a dedicated portal for Research and Innovation. This portal will then be easily accessible by researchers and faculty members of registered University/College/Institution/School. With the help of this portal, the faculties and researchers will be able to gain a quick access to e-resources, information, getting approvals, submitting papers and publishing journals.

  • Indian Industries keep looking for new discoveries and innovations in product or technological segments. The Centre will be regularly working towards understanding and monitoring the industrial requisites in order to draft research topics or to develop research orientation in the mind of students.

The steps which will be taken and implemented by Indian Research Journal on Advanced Technologies towards the promotion of Research and Innovation practices and to assist the Centre:

  1. The Centre will grant scholarships and awards to the Researchers and Scholars for their committed endeavors and innovative research contribution.

  2. The Centre will collaborate with Industries to promote Industry-based research work.

  3. The Centre will invite Scholars from overseas and esteemed research Institutes to speak on their recognized publications, journals and Research Papers.

  4. The Centre will encourage collaborative and inter-disciplinary research via cutting-edge technology and brainstorming sessions.

  5. The Centre will provide necessary support to the faculty and students to publish their papers in the journals of international and national repute.

Research Associations and Alliances

IRJAT is planning to associate with leading Institutions, Organizations, Research Institutes, etc. to empower its research alliances. These associations and partnership will benefit both the students as well as associates in many fruitful ways in times to come. It shall enhance the research efficiency of the students and yield excellent results that can aid the allying organization as well. Moreover, such joint collaborations will help in creating plentiful opportunities for the researchers that can boost their morale and bring them recognition.